My Action plan to make 10 times more money on Zazzle in 2019

Zazzle is one of my favorite platforms ever. I love design, I love freedom and I also love making products. Zazzle combines all of this and on top of it it is free. This year Zazzle is on top of my passive income source list.

I have set up a goal of 1000$ to make by the end of 2019. Quite a steep goal since I made only 100$ in 2018 but nevertheless now I am on a quest for success. I made a lot of research on the subject and I am confident this is an achievable goal that can really be done. There are people that make way more than that and I sure want to get to their level. 10 times more than last year will be a good step along the way. To assess my chances for success I had to evaluate my shortcomings

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Thing I did not do right

  • Not enough products Zazzle’s market place has milions of products. There are people with over 100 000 products. To be able to be seen I definately need a lot more products. Mine are below 1000 total in all my stores.
  • Bad design on my stores –  My store fronts definitely do not looks as polished as those of the Pro Sellers. I mainly rely on search results but the way the store looks could bring more sales. Unfortunately mine are not as compelling.
  • Not using Social Media Marketing consistently – I have Pinterest, Instagram and facebook accounts for some of my stores, but social meda has never been my strength especially when it comes to being consistent.
  • Not making coordinating product collections – Making it easy for the customer to get products that go well together has been a great idea but I have not done any steps to create full collections of products that do just that.
  • Having too many stores – I spreas myself too thin and can’t pay enough attention to the stores to make them look great. Having a store on Zazzle is a full time business if you are to do it right. Currently I am running 3 stores

To get what I mean here are the links to my three stores. You can check them out yourself and see my point. If you chose to bookmark them and follow my progress with the action plan (which will also be covered in later posts) you will see exactly how I go about every aspect listed as a mistake.

KivahKailani is my home decor store. I put pillows, blankets and all home decor options with great patterns

Pretty Greetings is my wedding invitations, birthday invites, business cards, birth announcements and all sorts of paper goods tore. This is a well converting niche on Zazzle so I made a sore for it too.

The least developed sore I have on Zazzle is Baby Finch. It is a baby clothing store. I generally had the least time to work on it but those three I plan to keep and develop this year.

Although some experts recommend having just one store and focusing on it I do not feel like losing any of those three. SO I will keep them and do my best to improve them simultaneously. Here is how I am going to do it.

My 2019 Zazzle Action Plan

Step 1 will be fixing the store fronts. It doesn’t matter how bad they were so far. The first step will be to make consistent icons on the categories my stores offer. There is nothing more putting off than badly planned store. People are eager to see more when they like a design. I have many designs promoted by third party websites but when the customer comes to my store they are disappointed that the store does not have the same quality as the product they have seen. So on to the stores first.

Step 2 is definitely the lack of collection products. I am doing keyword and mostly niche research for every store to see which subjects are most desirable. Then I am going for covering those niches in coordinated products. This way when the client comes he will find a full package and possibly want to buy the whole package. These days people do not have time to search for everything they need but if they find it all in one place this will save them time = make more money for me 🙂

The third step is the promotion part. Here comes the hard part for me since I am an introvert that does not like self promotion at all. Lucky for me there are a number of tools that will come handy when planning my promotion on social media

The best one I have picked to try is Tailwind.

What i like about tailwind is the elimination of guesswork when to post my content to social media to get most impressions and possibly conversions. This is a great tool to use since you can plan ahead and if there is difference between your time zone and the target customers time zone you do not have to take night shifts. Tailwind posts for you based on their research when the content you post is most likely to be viewed and interacted with.

Another great feature of Tailwind is Tailwind tribes. These are like group boards in Pinterest. They can skyrocket your traffic if the graphic you shared is liked and repined by a lot of people. This can make your content reach millions of people and earn you an amazing ammount of sales.

If you would like to try it out there is a very useful trial period. And more here is a LINK to get a free month on me! Yes, you heard me right – you get a 15 USD bonus if you follow the link and can use the Tailwind service for free for a month. I am sure you will like it and once you register you can share the same benefit with your friends too.

The least important aspect of my plan is the total number of products I have on Zazzle. Although my numbers are very low I do not plan on focusing on the plain number. I want to have quality over quantity. If you place a design that is not made to fit with the product this product will not sell anyway. I believe that well thought out collections can do much more about my earnings than just a huge amount of products that do not look good or the target customer will never use. If you are designing a nursery collection there is absolutely no need to make wine bottle labels, you know?

Do you think I am missing anything important? If so please comment. All opinions and questions are welcome. Thanks, guys and girls! You rock!

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