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How do they do it

Being in the studio every day and I not only get to see the process of very talented artists, i also get to see the real deal about design and drawing. When I look at their finished artwork I often think that they are some kind of undercover aliens that put all this beauty on the paper at once. It seemed to me that they know what they want to draw and just sit for a few hours and do it. Boy, how wrong was I.

The past few months have thought me that drawing is probably 60% craft. They practice, they don’t get it at first, and yet they still keep on mastering it until they get it right. Artist now seem to me as a very resilient and never giving up. It turned out my aliens are just plain stubborn artists that struggle to get the images in their heads out on the paper.

Seeing that got me thinking – how hopeless am I actually. I grew up wanting to be involved in animation but the strong conviction that i can’t even draw a circle right made it seem improbable. 20 or something years later life threw me in the industry but as an associate producer.