let me tell you a secret – i can’t draw a proper leaf. Even so i want to be an illustrator. People say it takes 10 000 hours to become good at what you do. That is roughly 5 years when you do the math. So starting at ground 0 I will be going on a journey. I plan to draw 5 hours a day when i am not working and since i don’t go to a regular job the numbers will add up fast. You can always check on my progress in the sidebar.

If  you think i am crazy you will have to see my first try. I will do my best to use all the free resources i can find online because there is no way i could afford fancy drawing classes. I have a passion for stories, kids illustrations, fantasy and sci-fi.

Where will this take me? I don’t know but i feel the need to do it. Call it a whim, call it a calling, i don’t know what it is but i am sure it can make me happy. I could use some encouragement from time to time and will be much appreciated.

Welcome and enjoy.

P.S. don’t be ashamed to feel inspired to do your own thing but please share – you will get a pat on the back and a back link on my Fellow Dreamers page.