How to make money from Zazzle even if you can’t draw

You love art, you watch peoples art on Pinterest for hours and dream of being able to have a store like theirs, a following like theirs and make a living off your art. But you can’t draw a proper leaf.

I know you because I was you a little while ago.  I still can’t draw but I do have a Zazzle store. Correction – I do have several Zazzle stores and I am making money from them. Since you are reading this article somewhere inside you believe or want or desire this to be you. So I ask


So, why the hell not. This is the question that made me start, this is the question that still keeps me going. I love this question so much that I have made a product out of it. Imagine having this pillow on the couch and every time an insane idea comes to you and you look at it and believe it. Can you even imagine the possibilities. So why the hell not starting right away and opening a Zazzle store. Just go with it. Please do not skip ahead and follow every step. I promise you in 30 minutes you will be half way there to your dreamed destination.
  1.  Register at Zazzle – Go to It is easy as registering at any website. You can also use facebook loginn. Now go ahead and make the first step.
  2. Choose your niche – Before opening a store lets give a moment to choosing a niche. It is important to pick a niche you enjoy. A niche is just a topic – be it weddings, kids, pets, home decor, technology, you name it. Pick the one you like the most so you enjoy your shop while doing it. There is a bit of a learning curve at the beginning but if you like what you do it will be a pleasurable time with much potential for you.
  3. Open a Zazzle store- It is important to know that there are different types of Zazzle stores. The one you need is a Designer store. This store allows you to put your photos or designs on products that will be sold on the Zazzle market place. For those of us who can’t draw this is the best option. Be careful when choosing your stores name – you can change it later but you can’t change the URL.
  4. Get your store and profile to 100% = This is where it gets interesting. On your homepages right hand side there are tasks you should accomplish to  reach 100%. It starts with uploading a logo and a banner image for your store. Then you have to start making products and collections.
  5. Begin making products – This is hard when you can’t draw, but i have got  your back. You do not need to draw a single line to make nice and very profitable products. The trick is to go to and download images that are relevant to your niche. Remember to download the highest possible resolution so you can use them in bigger products as well.
 Using images from pixabay is safe since the images there are published with a licence that allows commercial use. Whenever you create a product you always have to confirm you have the right to use this artwork. With pixabay you are protected. The same goes for using fonts. Do not use randomly downloaded fonts on your designs. Stick to the fonts that zazzle provide. The collection is great and they are licensed as well.
Keep your royalty reasonabl e- around 10%. Do not be tempted to make it too big because your products will become too expensive and won;t sell.
 Repeat this step until you have met the 100% completeness of your store.. Then your zRank should go up to 4 zRank is a measure that reflects the number of products you have related to the number of sales you have. It is relative but closer to 10 the better. When you are at 4 the journey to promote your store can begin. Share with friends and family, share on social media and start making money.
6. Sharing your products.
When sharing your products either use the built in share buttons or copy the link that comes below the product image. This link contains your affiliate link and you earn additional 15% if someone buys from it.
See, I told you there is a way to make money from POD sites even if you can’t draw. Now it is up to you to find great photos or drawings and make fun and engaging products. The more time you put in the more you will get out from Zazzle and II assure you it is fun as well.
Share your stores and ask anything that concerns you. This way I will know what additional information you need to help you get started. Can’t wait to see what you have done and to help you be really successful.

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