How to open a Zazzle store and make money in 2019

How to open a Zazzle store and make money in 2019

Have you ever wondered if it is too late to open a zazzle store now that there are so many stores already open? Well the good news is that there is room for everybody under the zazzle sky. You can still make a very decent living starting a zazzle store. Here is a list of all the pros and the things you will have to overcome to become successful with your zazzle store in 2019.

Pros of opening a Zazzle store in 2019

  • You will finally get the side hustle you have been dreaming of.  Every journey of 10 000 steps starts with the first one. Registering on the website and starting your first zazzle store is the first step. Take it. You will never regret it,
  • Setting up a zazzle store is completely free. No subscriptions, no hidden fees. You can list your products free of charge. Forever.
  • The market is well researched and you can find a lot of know how regarding what the customers are searching for and buying.
  • Very low start up cost. Actually the initial start up cost is only your time and effort to learn how to make products and how to tag them well so they show up in searches.
  • You do not have to leave your day job just yet. Zazzle is flexbile and you can put two hours daily and still see results without putting your family at risk. Start it off as a side hustle and work it up to a full time job. It is all up to you.

Cons of opening a Zazzle store in 2019

  • A lot of competition. There are millions of products out there. There are plenty of very successful sellers already established. But do not be discouraged – your vision is different and you have something others do not so you have to chance to stand out from the crowd and win a customer base that will love your work the most.
  • You will need to promote your products on social media platforms. If you want to reach more customers faster you will have to invest in advertising on other platforms. Even if it costs just your time you will still have to put the effort in to get exposure. If no one sees your products you won’t be making much sales.

How to open a Zazzle store

If the cons did not put you off and you are still determined that you want to take your life into your own hands, to have more time for your family or your hobbies and have made the decision to try it out follow the steps.

  1. Go to and register
  2. Click on your photo in the right top corner, then go to My Stores. 
  3. Click on Open new store button on the right.This will take you to the wizard to start creating your first store. Here you will have to pick up a great and unique name. Remember – YOU CAN NOT CHANGE IT LATER. So pick wisely and check for typos.
  4. Follow the steps and fill out as much info as possible.

Here you are – a proud owner of a Zazzle store in 2019. You have a long road ahead of you but I promise it is worth it and it is fun as well. On my blog you can find a lot of usefull info about developing your store and running it successfully. I would also like to invite you to register for my weekly newsletter where you can find tips and trick to save you time and effort when starting out fresh. Just type your email below and get all the things I learned the hard way right in your inbox.






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