How to Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money

If you are standing in front of the computer wondering if everybody lies about making at least 100$ per month with affiliate marketing you are not  alone. I was in that shoes not so long ago. Let me tell you the truth right off – they are not. The sure have a jump start but they have been in the same dreaded shoes a while ago too.

If you are penniless and wonder can you make it even despite that the definite answer is YES. Yes you can make it. It will be a steep learning curve like it was for me but you can make those money from the comfort of your home once you understand how affiliate marketing works.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

To make money with affiliate marketing you need two things – an offer with good commission and traffic. Once you get the people seeing the offer there will be a conversion. If no one sees what you offer no one will buy it and no money will come to you.

It is that simple. Now let’s cut the crap and go directly to the question that brought you here – HOW am I going to make it work with NO MONEY?

The two things you need

First off – let me clear this out – I am learning along the way too just like you. What you will find here is my way, my findings and revelations about making money at home. There are plenty other ways that work too. Some of them I know some of them I still do not. What I am sharing with you is my way, feel free to copy my technique and keep on learning. Be sure I am.

So. the things you need is:

  1. Pinterest
    It is completely free to open an account on Pinterest. I am sure that most of you already have this account and have spent a good amount of time watching at pretty pins. Pinterest is where you will get your traffic. We will focus on that. No blogs for you yet – it is overwhelming and takes more time to monetize.
  2. Traffic
    You need to have a profile that people see in order to sell anything. So make the profile and follow every bit of advice you can find to reach as many people as you can. It will be hard at first but once you learn how to create beautiful pins and get them into group boards you will see the results flying in.

Now the action plan

Before we get into details I want to make sure you understand this is a long term plan – not a get rich quick scheme. It might take a week or a month or a year before you see the results. It is entirely up to you and how persistent you are. The more you learn and the more persistent you are the better. The results will come to you just do not give up. You will get that 100$ per day, just believe in it, take the steps and never ever give up.

    1. Chose an affiliate network
      I personally recommend Awin where you can partner with Etsy and many more great brands. is a giant in the affiliate marketing industry and they have so many offers to choose from with great commission rates. I personally prefer working with them and I am already receiving money from commissions so I recommend Awin fullheatedly.

      Head on over to their website right here, and take a peak of what products they offer affiliate sales with. Take a look for yourself and see what your readers or Pinterest’s audience might need!For whatever niche your blog or Pinterest account is related to, click the different Awin categories and pick the offer that most reignites with your audience.

      There are so many categories of offers in Awin to choose from that the possibilities are endless.

  1. Chose what to sell
    To sell you do not need to have a product of your own. The only thing you need is to figure out your niche and what pinterest users are searching for. Fitness and cooking are a very well converting niches, clothes and baby goods are showing great results as wll. Pick your niche and make sure you enjoy it too because you will be spending time and effort every day working in the field. Pick a product you love and save your affiliate link.
  2. Get a Scheduling Tool 
    This is the difference between success and failure. What you pin is just as important as when. This is where the scheduling tool is your best friend.I personally use Tailwind and love it for  the snowball effect it creates on your pins. The shedule the app creates will post your pins exactly when users interested in your subject are online and active. The other great thing about Tailwind is that once you can create prins ahead of time and just schedule them. Then you are free. The Tailwind app will do the posting for you. Then you only need to see the results in their detailed statistics and see what works for your customers and what doesn’tI strongly encourage you – go get Tailwind and get posting right away.

    The trial will convince you that this is a great tool and that it can help you like it has helped many other affiliate marketeres.Tailwind takes about a day or two of learning. So I suggest that you take it to video and start watching an hours’ worth of tutorials after you sign up with them. The training is well worth it if you want to make an extra $100 a day using this affiliate strategy. 

  3. Install Tailwind On Your Browser
    Now when you do get Tailwind, you will want to make sure that you install their extension onto your browser. This will help you start scheduling your pins to fill up your Queue area. It’s a super easy one-click install and will drastically change the way you pin, so you can’t skip this step!This will take you no time at all, so head on over to Install Tailwind Onto Your Browser Nowso you can move onto the next strategy step…
  4. Fill Up Your Scheduler
    The great thing about this is that you can spend one day a week setting this up on Tailwind and Tailwind will do all the work for you!And what you will want to do here is you will want to start scheduling other people’s content first before we create our affiliate pin.So go ahead and start filling up your scheduled pins now and come back to this post.If you don’t know how to fill up your schedule. Here’s a great video that I first watched to learn
    Andif you don’t have Tailwind, I really encourage you to take their 14-day trial HERE!. Take a peak so you can apply this affiliate strategy in the future.

    Once you have Tailwind, go into your Pinterest account and start scheduling other people’s pins.

    As many as you can!

    30 pins should do it if you are following along.

  5. Create Your Affiliate Pin
    Now let’s create your offer!There are tons upon tons of places to create image templates (aka pins) from but the best one by far to start out with, I believe is Canva.Use Canva to create pins for your affiliate links. Its super easy!

    Canva is the hotspot for bloggers creating pins and it’s free to join!

    Once you start there are lots of templates that you can choose from to use for your Awin link.

    Now, I encourage anyone who is just starting to design their pins, to practice as often as you can.

    Don’t get discouraged if you think your pins are not good enough! They will get better with time.
    When you are done, make sure that you download your pin as a PNG and save it on your computer.

  6.  Go for the money
    When you have the affiliate pin all finished and saved on your computer, you will want to place your affiliate pin throughout your scheduled pins now.As you can see in your Tailwind schedule already that the pins you scheduled are all waiting there to be sent out to Pinterest.So what we want to do is in Tailwind on your scheduled pins screen, we want to click the ‘Create New Pin’ tab and upload an image by clicking the ‘Upload Images’ tab.

    Now we are going to upload the image that you saved to your computer (the downloaded image from Canva).

    After you do this, should see your pin in the drafts section.

    There you can place the affiliate link that you saved at the beginning from ShareASale and it’s ready to be scheduled.

    You should also write a description for your pin, so your affiliate pin can be optimized through SEO. Make sure to use keywords!! Then click “Add to Queue
    It’s that easy!


    The fastest way to grow your affiliate marketing on Pinterest is to pin every day.

    If you follow these techniques you really can have the potential to make money. Also, you should be fine with Pinterest just as long as you are not spamming hundreds of affiliate links each week.

    Try to limit this technique to 1 to 2 pins per day (at the most!) or maybe 5 to 10 pins a week. And as long as you keep your regular pinning to 50 to 80 pins per day, you should be okay doing this affiliate strategy.

    Remember pins never die, so if you keep doing this, the possibilities are endless (!!)

    I hope that you find this post helpful, so you can start monetizing your Pinterest accounts asap.

    Either way, you never know unless you give it a shot.

    If you liked this post, please pin it and share it to let me know to write more content like this one! Thanks for reading xx




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