July 31, 2016

Animation short movie: AHOY


Short animation film project in pre-production stage

The short animation film AHOY is aimed for web publishing and will catch the attention not only with unique style but it will fascinate viewers between 16 – 35 years old.

The story

The story of AHOY is about a very bored 10 year old boy on a train that a tries to get the attention of a stranger. When he fails to make him react and almost quits, the stranger shows him his secret. The boy’s whimsical and dangerous adventure with pirates, ships and treasure begins.

The movie is Pirates of the Caribbean meets curiosity (almost) killed the cat.

The Animation

AHOY is a project that will combine two types of animation – digital 2D and stop motion paper cut out. The movie will be visually rich and interesting.

What we need to make it happen

To make AHOY a reality we need your help. The film has to go through several stages. Your help will go for:

  • Visual development of characters and environments
  • Design of characters for the 2D part
  • Design of paper cut out characters for the stop motion part (parrots and fishes included)
  • Music score
  • Voice talents
  • Animation
  • Post production

Behind the project there is a great team of professional designers, animators, fabulous music composers and actors. They are young, motivated and ready to give it their best shot.

AHOY is a challenge and a passion that you can make real for more than 20 people. This project will help us grow as artists and professionals.

Take part as a supporter of the project using:



Support us with our IndieGoGo campaign which gives you additional perks, related to the film.

Every dollar counts and no matter which method you choose your name will be listed in the credits of the film.

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