NaNoWriMo – let the fun begin

November is my month. Not only with my birthday approaching, but the changing weather for chillier and the kid’s school routine already set (yay) I am able to put my mind into other things. This time it is to incorporate a lot more fun into my day. All of you who are working at home know the struggle to have fun is real. The motivation to go out is closer to zero and the social cirlce is mostly the cashiers at the local store and neighbour fellow dog owners. That is why I figured I can commit to a NaNoWriMo this eyar.

Will I write 5000 words a day? I would love to, but anything above zero is super achievment already. Will I make a single novel? Not likely. I prefer shorter stories that can be turned into illustrations and animations.

Will it be worth it? Absolutely. If i can come up with 30 short stories of 5000 words and there is one that is really cool and fun I will have a party for my success. Then the mill can start tuning. Being part of a challenge is not somethig  I have accomplished. Ever. Starting in november is like catching the last train of this year. It will be nice to put a check next to a new years goal. Even if it is made in the last minute. Even if it ammounts to nothing in the end. Doesn’t matter. All I want is to flex those writing muscles and finaly get them to do anything but daydream.

So. NaNoWrIMo here i come.

And going without a map is not serious so here is my plan for the first week:

  • A girl and a dog
  • Discovery in the neighbourhood
  • Grumpy old lady
  • Sticky kid
  • The challenge
  • A friend in need
  • Hungry

Those subjects are qute random and are based on things that have passed my mind when idle. Now is the time to get everything out and clear some space in this head of mine.

P.S.  Nope, I am not skipping today. I will write and you will see it tomorrow.




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