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top 5 blog planner printable etsy

Blog planner, binder or an app – great gifts for the organized of us but which ones to chose. . It is again this time of the year – the time of blog planning, big goals, the time of lists. I do not know about you, but I would definitely like to start the next year way more organized. With baby number 2 on the way I will have to keep all my to do-s and all my ideas planned, scheduled and to be sure I can fit them into my hectic daily routines.

That sent me on a quest to find the top 5 printable blog planners for 2019  so I can chose the one that will fit me. I am the worst planner ever because I get easily bored. So one of my criteria for the planner is to be fun. I am also very easily distracted so it has to contain few pages but right on the point. I won’t have time to fill too many forms and I sure won’t look through them twice. It has to have all the data well aggregated and able to see in a glance. 

My perfect blog organizer is most likely a binder. I wouldn’t want to have too many notebooks to manage. I am still choosing between A4 and A5 size, but the good news is most designers have included the two options so you can try it out and see which format works for you. If you like to plan your blog on the go while commuting A5 is probably the best choice for you. But if you are like me and you prefer the early morning hours when the whole house is quet A4 will give you space for doodling too.

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After hours of looking through amazing printables on Etsy  and believe me there are way too many good looking options there I narrowed down the choice between these Top 5 printable Planners for my upcomming blogging year.

  1. Printable Blog Planner, Blogging Planner, Blog Post Planning, Editorial Planner, Blog Post Planner, Blog Planner Pages, Social Media Planner by EasyPrintablesShop

It is quite easy to see why this is the first planner I would like to consider. Well thought out and quite easy to use. I love the option to have the two formats so I can pick which ones are suitable for me and my lifestyle. Once the baby is born and we start going out more I believe the small  A5 format will come very handy.  While she sleeps I can plan ahead on a bench in the park without the need to carry big binders.

I am not sure I will use the whole 68 pages, but you never know. I might get to like planning this year.  Either way the planner is very thorough and detailed and will help me think of my blog as an actual business. 

2. One Year Content Planner – Printable PDF Workbook for Blog & Social Media Planning by LaurieCosgroveDesign

There is nothing I do not love about this content planner. One year in a glance, very minimal design, plenty of space to doodle around and to brainstorm. Very elegant and lovely. Definitely a contender.

3. Printable Blog Workbook, Blog Planner, Blog Post Planner, Business Planner, Blog Organizer, Printable Planner , Blogger Planner 
by AmmaRoseDesigns

Very wonderfully organized planner. When I look at it i feel neat and ready to put everything in order. This one is a favorite and an inspiration. It has very helpful checklist pages. Still a very nice design.

4. Blog Planner – Editable Printable for Blogging, Blogger Planner, Editorial Calendar, Blog Finance Planner // A4/A5 Blog PDF Printable by thejournals 

This is a precious little jewel. Just 15 pages but so straight to the point my minimalist soul rejoices. This planner hits many of my style and content desires. Plus it has the format options. The design is also delightful – feminine without being too girly and cheesy. Love it.

5. Blog Planner, Blogging Planner, Social Media Planner, Business Planner, Blog Organizer, Blog Planning, Printable Blog Planner by PaperScribblesCo

And finally but not taking the last place – a design that is less artsy and more data oriented. When it comes to running the blog like a business artsy look does not add much. It is better to see the data clearly and to be able to make sound decisions based on it. The nice feminine design is just so pleasing but nothing beats raw data. 

No matter how you decide to plan your next blogging year success is eminent. Be sure that everything you do to deliver useful and helpful content to your readers will pay off. Isn’t it what we need the most – to feel the warmth inside that we have helped someone. 

If you need something else from your future planner go HERE. You will find relevant search that will show you all the available blog and business planners on Etsy. Chose whichever you like and feel most comfortable. Most of all the planner needs to reflect you to be usefull. 

And before we say goodbye I would like to ask you what are the most important features for you in the planner? Looking forward to your comments below.

xoxo, Boriana

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