Zazzle collections success – make the most profit

Zazzle collections are a great feature that allows you to get products that fit a certain category or niche together. This makes it easy for the customer to buy coordinated sets and minimizes the search effort.

The other nice part of the collections is that they look amazing when shared on pinterest. Picking a great cover photo and putting the best products forward is a great way to attract customers to your store. More customers of course equals more sales and that is what we are looking for as online entrepreneurs, aren’t we!

To get the most out of a collection there are a number of factors to consider. The steps include:

  • Research popular niche for keywords
  • Set up a collection properly
  • Create and SEO on the products
  • Promote the collection as well as the individual products

Research popular niches for Zazzle Collections

A niche is nothing fancy. It is just figuring out what is trendy and what people are searching for. This could be done in a number of ways. You can try pinterest. The majority of people go there for ideas what to buy and Pinterest has the great feature to give related words to any search in colored bubbles on top of the page. Those are the words that people combined with your search. This is the first method I go to because I highly rely on Pinterest for sales.

The niche can be anything you want. Since it is February I am currently setting up a St Patrick’s day collection in my kids store BabyFinch

My research begins with looking at what people on Printerest are associating with St. Patrick’s Day. I am not irish and the customs and things related to this holiday are quite unfamiliar to me. That is one of the things I love about Zazzle – it puts you face to face with people’s need that are somewhat unknown and urges you to learn new things. That is always good fo your brain, you know!

So here is what Pinterest gives me:

Zazzle Collections Keyword Research on Pinterest

For sure not all searched words are related to the niche of my store but it gives me ideas what people want. I see that the main interest is in clothes and classic symbols of the holidays. The other major theme is food of course. This is also good to know because I have other stores that can benefit from this insight like Kivah Kailani where I make products for the home and kitchen as well. Any intel you get into people’s searches can be monetized and made into passive income. That is why no bit or piece is left behind.

Keyword research on Zazzle

When I research I like to go broad at first and more concrete afterwards. So my next step is Zazzle. You can see for yourself that the search terms get more specific. Since Zazzle is my marketplace I am eager to know what people relate to St. Patrick’s day there because this i what sells.

Zazzle Collections Keyword Research on Zazzle Marketplace

Now I already know what elements should my designs have. It is up to you know weather you draw, design or buy graphics, as long as you have what people want you are on the right track. Now make a list and order the keywords so you can use them across all products and when making the collection. This is the base of your SEO.

Set up the Zazzle collection

What is a collection?

It is not just a gathering of products . It corresponds to a page on your blog where you cover a subject extensively and present your views in the form of products. I like making the collection prior to making the products. It is like having the bowl on the table before you break the eggs.

Making the most of this page is the difference between failure and success. First is the name of the collection. Needless to say you need to put a lot of the major keywords there without sounding like a robot. Remember – your customers are human even though you do not meet them in person.

The use of keywords on a collection page is limited to 5 so pick up the most important ones. My advice is to go with all your holiday content on on collection. This way the customers won’t have to look anywhere else for what they need and you won’t miss any sales form them.

The Importance of The Zazzle Collections Description

The description is something very valuable. You can tell the story of the holiday as well as a fun story about it. Make sure it is keyword dense as well. Every word counts in the SEO world so use them wisely.

Create and do SEO on the products for the Zazzle Collection

This is where all the fun begins. The research step should have given you a fairly good idea what people are looking for. Make sure you try out different searches on Zazzle and Pinterest and get ideas for fun and desirable designs you can make your own. Respect people’s rights of course and steal like an artist. You will get different result that will reflect you as an artist or designer and you won’t be violating any rights.

The SEO on the page is much like the one you need to do on the producsts as well. A very much neglected part when creating products is the description. Make full use of it. I am sure that the fact that I have also overlooked this feature is the reason for not so much sales on great products in my stores. In the comming months this is something I am going to improve while my store still do not have that many products.

Promote the Zazzle collections

Ah, the dreaded part! If you hate self promotion it is time to start loving it. There is nothing to be ashamed of. You have put the work, you have given the thought on the products – now go brag how great you are by sharing your heart out.

To be succcessfull this task needs to be prepared as well. Make sure your Collection has a great cover image on the page and as a thumbnail This is what the potential customers will see first. If you can capture their attention right away in the first second you are up for a win Go and be brave. Do what looks good to you. There are plenty people who will appreciate your taste and enjoy what you have created. Just reach out to them. The internet is a big ocean – make sure you are a colorful fish that can be seen from afar.

I can wait to see how you fo about your collections! Feel free to share them in the comments and if my article has helped you make beautiful collections I will be more than happy if you share it.!

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